Kimpston Hotels and Restaurants have recently released their much anticipated annual food and drink trend forecast. The brand, which owns over 65+ hotels across the world (including the USA, England, Thailand, the Cayman Islands, Spain, Japan and Taiwan), also runs 39 unique restaurants within its various properties – offering a world of interesting dining experiences.

“This forecast has been able to pinpoint past favourites like last year’s Aperol Frosé and predict the next big thing in flavours and ingredients like black garlic, s’chug [hot sauce] and nutritional yeast for 2020,” aid Scott Gingerich, Kimpton’s SVP of restaurants & bars.

Here are a few things you should be adding to your event menus in 2020 according to their report:

FERMENTED FOODS that promote gut-health will continue to be firm favourites. Think tempeh (fermented soybeans), pickled vegetables, Chinese pu-er tea and kimchi.

VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN options are a must-have as more people shift to meat-free diets or simply choose to observe meat-free days. One of South Africa’s favourite family steak restaurants has recently launched its Beyond Burger, a 100% plant-based burger patty developed in the US. Gluten-free and dairy-free options should already be available on your menu.

– The most influential cuisine in 2020?  According to 40% of chefs surveyed for the report, expect to see LEVANTINE-INSPIRED CUISINE (Israeli, Turkish and Lebanese) make prominent appearances.

– Learn to embrace SOUR FLAVOURS as chefs experiment with ingredients such as rhubarb, tamarind and infused-vinegars.

– Chefs will be taking the traditional Peruvian CEVICHE to new heights with unexpected ingredients like spicy tomato granita to pickled carrot to whipped avocado.


Top Ingredients for 2020

On the drinks side, the trend of guests choosing LOW-ALCOHOL, LIGHT SPRITZERS will continue but bartenders will be experimenting with local flavours and fresh ingredients. Try this rosé and agave lemonade spritzer or this traditional Aperol spritzer (and pretend you’re on the Italian Riviera).

View the entire trend board below and read Kimpton’s press release here.

Kimpton Culinary Trends