It’s early June and already nights are becoming a little cooler. It’s a time of year when keeping your guests warm becomes a top priority. Nothing spoils a day or night out than cold toes and noses!

Here are some tips to bring warmth to your events this winter:

1. Serve soup as a starter

Warm your guests from the inside out by starting with a nice hot soup. Make sure it is served piping hot and chose something hearty and perhaps even a little exotic like an Asian ramen noodle soup or a French Bouillabaisse.

How to Keep your event guests warm this winter


2. Serve brandy or port as a welcome drink

This is a legitimate scientific fact: alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, particularly the capillaries just under the surface of your skin. When you have a drink, the volume of blood brought to the skin’s surface increases, making you feel warm. Remember hot chocolate for the non-drinkers.


3. Have blankets or pashminas available

Have baskets of blankets dotted around your event venue or place one on each guest’s chair. Have pashminas embroidered with your logo or initials (for your wedding) and give them away to your female guests as mementos.

How to Keep your event guests warm this winter

We tied these blankets with a ribbon to present them beautifully. Browse our selection of blankets available for rental here.

4. Hire infrared heaters

I always recommend infrared (IR) heaters to my clients. IR heaters provide instant heat as soon as you turn them on so you don’t have to warm up the space beforehand. Most importantly, you can direct the heat – infrared heat is invisible light with lots of energy so when the “light” hits an object, heat is created. IR heaters are also far more economical than gas heaters.

How to Keep your event guests warm this winter

Infrared Heaters are the perfect choice for tented events as they pose no fire risk. Rent infrared heaters here.

5. Host your event under a tent

One of the most beautiful events I’ve ever worked on was held under a starry night sky in a clear tent. You get the best of both worlds – a beautiful view and toasty warmth. Even Bedouin tents with open sides can make an enormous difference as they trap heat.

How to keep your event guests warm this winter

There are a multitude of options for tented events including a clear or opaque roof.

6. Have a hot drink station available throughout the event

Having a hot drink station serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate and perhaps even gluhwein is a terrific way to ensure that your guests can warm up as often as they feel they need to. Don’t make them wait until the end of the night!