When you’ve had all the singers, dancers, comedians and motivational speakers you can handle, here are some event entertainment ideas that will surprise and delight your guests.

1. Silent Disco

If your guest list is made up of people of various ages, it can be hard to choose a genre of music that everyone will enjoy. Now you don’t have to! Silent Disco allows users to choose a channel of music to listen to through their headsets. Add some extra excitement by having three DJs perform at the same time. Guests can switch from hearing one DJ to the next at the flick of a button.

An extra bonus is that guests who want to get down and boogie can set the volume as loud as they are comfortable with, while your other guests get on with mingling in the silence (but we do suggest some vibey but low volume) background music.


Silent Disco

2. Synchronised Swimmers

It’s hot and sunny outside and you’re hosting an event around a pool or body of water. Synchronised swimmers are the perfect way to bring your event space alive. Think of it as a dance and gymnastics performance … in water. Make sure your swimmers are wearing bling costumes to add some high-end glam.

Find South Africa’s Synchronised Swimming Clubs here.

Synchronised Swimming

3. Projection-Mapping

Travel through time, space, colour, shape and sound. Bring your wildest dreams to life on the biggest canvas you can imagine.

3. Human Tables

So you’re planning a cocktail party and your event space is too small to accommodate a band. Combine your food service with your entertainment! We’ve seen event planners use human tables for canapes, drinks service or delicate desserts … you can quite literally allow your imagination run wild.

Human Tables

5. Pole Theatre

Gone are the days when pole dance was confined to seedy strip clubs. This artistic discipline is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport. The extreme strength and grace required to perform many of these gravity-defying routines is quite a sight to behold. Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself!

Now that we’ve given you 5 spectacular ideas for some out-of-the-box entertainment options for your events, be sure to tag us in your event pictures (@xleventscapetown) if you use any of them!

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